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WARO.io is a web platform designed specifically for textile and furniture companies. It enables these companies to measure, reduce, and independently communicate the environmental impact of their products. By utilizing the platform, businesses can gain insights into their environmental footprint, implement strategies for reduction, and effectively convey their sustainability efforts to stakeholders and consumers.


Hellio is a dedicated company focused on energy management and renovation services. Operating across mainland France and its overseas departments and territories, Hellio collaborates with individuals, businesses, condominiums, manufacturers, local authorities, carriers, and craftsmen. Their expertise extends to providing comprehensive energy solutions, assisting clients in optimizing energy usage, and conducting renovation projects to improve energy efficiency.


FioulReduc, established in April 2012, is the pioneering independent company that operates as an online platform for ordering heating oil. Collaborating with approximately 200 local distributors across France, they ensure access to the most competitive fuel oil prices available throughout the year, operating continuously on a 24/7/365 basis.

Energie Solaire 85

Energie Solaire 85 is a company that has made a deliberate choice to focus on renewable energies, with a particular emphasis on solar energy. Catering to individuals, communities, and businesses, Energie Solaire 85 offers a range of solutions including self-consumption and total resale of solar power, surplus production storage, and electric vehicle charging stations. By implementing these solutions, clients can not only reduce their energy bills but also become energy producers, contributing to a sustainable energy future.


Ruptura™ is a company dedicated to designing and producing cutting-edge solutions for domestic heating and hot water production, with a primary focus on the building sector. Their innovative products aim to provide efficient and effective heating solutions for homes, contributing to improved comfort and energy sustainability.


Vertdurable specializes in providing assistance, guidance, and financial engineering services for condominium renovations with a focus on energy transition. They are experts in consulting on housing renovation projects and facilitating the energy transition, offering specialized knowledge in financing options related to energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings.


Circonomy addresses the challenge of carbon removal by harnessing the potential of Biochar, a carbon-rich substance derived from agricultural waste. By converting agri-waste into valuable resources, Circonomy not only provides a sustainable solution for removing carbon from the atmosphere but also enhances farmers’ income and promotes soil regeneration in tropical regions.


Health Company is an e-commerce platform specialising in the sale of health supplements, as well as a range of hair care and skin care products.