"Energy is at the heart of the best projects"

Energy Savings For Everyone. With Years of expertise, we provide tailored expertise and guidance to help you start on your carbon-free journey.

From private individuals to public housing, from very small businesses to large companies, from co-owner associations to professionals in the building industry, from farmers to public councils… To each their own energy, to each their own projects.

Listening to your needs and providing technical advice as well helping you finance your green project to reduce and improve your energy consumption.


Our Mission

Accelerating Energy saving solutions in Singapore whilst contributing to Singapore 2030 Green Plan.

Our Vision

A cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone, driven by innovative companies and projects that prioritize responsible and impactful practices and create positive change for the environment, society, and economy.

“An electrical engineering company specializing in energy management and system enhancement, providing strategic advice for carbon reduction goals ”

Take Charge Of Your Energy Saving Plan today

Timbul Venture, established in 2015, is a company with a commitment in managing energy consumption by providing engineering solutions and investing in sustainable innovations.